Frequently asked questions (2023)

Mouse specific FAQs

Known issues

Click here for all known issues.

Is "Tap to click" supported?

Tap to click is currently not supported for the Magic Mouse (but for the Magic Trackpads).

Due to the form factor of the mouse, it is quite difficult to filter unwanted touches.
That's probably the reason why macOS doesn't support tap to click
(without 3rd party tools like BetterTouchTool).

However, we might support tap to click in the future.

Why is the right click not working?

To perform a right click:

  • Click on the right side of the Magic Mouse with a single touch.
  • Do not touch the surface with any other finger or your palm, otherwise a left click is performed.

In case this doesn't help:

  • Turn your Magic Mouse off, back on and click to reconnect with Bluetooth.
  • From the menu of the "Magic Mouse Utilities" application select Settings > Default settings.

Touch device FAQs

Why is horizontal scrolling sometimes not working?

The answer is here.

Is there a pinch zoom gesture?

No, we currently do not support the pinch zoom gesture:

Hold the Ctrl key and scroll vertically to zoom on Windows,
(note this is not a smooth zoom, it steps by 10%).

While Windows touchscreens do support smooth pinch zoom, it's not available via the classic mouse interfaces.

We are still evaluating the best way on how to initiate a real Windows zoom gesture.

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License related FAQs

How do I cancel the free trial period?

The free trial period of the Magic Utilities is without any commitment to buy or subscribe.
As a related subscription doesn't exists, you cannot cancel it.

If the Magic Utilities doesn't suit you needs, simply uninstall them.

If you liked the Magic Utilities consider to buy a license.

How do I cancel my license (subscription)?

Even if a license expires after one or two years, it is a one-time payment that does not renew automatically.
So you cannot cancel a subscription.

If you liked the Magic Utilities, you buy another license.
If you don't use it anymore, you do not pay any accidental fees a year or two later.

The Magic Utilities will give you a license expiry reminder,
you don't need to "manage" anything other than renewing your license.

Is a license a subscription?

Yes, but there is an important difference to common subscriptions.
Even a license expires after one or two years, it does not renew automatically.

If you liked the Magic Utilities, you buy another license.
If you don't use it anymore, you do not pay any accidental fees a year or two later.

The Magic Utilities will give you a license expiry reminder,
so you don't need to "manage" anything other than renewing your license.

How does the trial version work?

We offer a 28 day trial period to test the Magic Utilities.

There is only one general trial period for all software components (keyboard, mouse, and trackpad). This means:

  • When the trial period starts, it automatically begins for all Magic Utilities components, installed or not.

I already tried the Magic Utilities, how can Itry my new Magic device?

If you don't have a license, contact us for a trial extension.

I already have a license, how can I try my new Magic device?

You need to contact us. We'll send you an updated license which includes a new trial period.

How does a license work (license terms)?

A license is locked to the provided device serial numbers and is valid for the selected period (1 or 2 years) from date of purchase or (in case of a renewal) when a previous license ends. This means:

  • A license is only valid for these devices. You can't use other keyboards, mice or trackpads.
  • A license is portable. It can be used on anycompatible Windows computer as long as you use the same devices.
  • If a license expires all features provided by version 3 stop working until you renew your license.

What happens if my device has been replaced because of a repair?

You need to contact us. We will update your current license with the new device serial numbers. The expiry date will not change.

I already have a license, how can I try my new Magic device?

You need to contact us. We'll send you an updated license which includes a new trial period.

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Are the remaining days kept when renewing a license?

Yes, you can renew early. Your new license will contain the remaining days from your current license.

Can I buy a permanent license?

No, we offer only one and two-year licenses. We are aware that some people do not like this, but without the subscription model, the Magic Utilities 3 would not exist. It's that simple.

As you can imagine we operate in a tiny niche market.What looks like magic for you - Install it with five clicks and it works - is pretty complicated and is still a vast amount of work which is only sustainable with a subscription model.

On a two year license, the cost per month per device is about 1 US dollar. We think this is a fair price.

Why is my device serial number different from the printed number?

For practical reasons we use the unique Bluetooth address to license your device and not the printed serial number at the bottom of the device.

How do I upgrade?

  • Connect all your Magic devices with USB cable or Bluetoothwith your computer.
  • Install and runall related Magic Utilities version 3 for your devices.
  • Make sure all your version 1 and 2 licenses are activated on the computer where version 3 is running,
    There is no need to install the version 1 and 2 applications.
  • In one Magic Utility click the Buy now button to start the wizard.
    Your existing licenses will be detected and your upgrade discounts will be applied on the payment web page.
  • Your previous licenses (version 1 or 2)remain valid.
    Keep in mind that you can upgrade only once perprevious license.

We are here to help. If you face any problems contact us.

Payment related FAQs

Are there any non-profit, educational, disability, pension, veteran or other discounts?

No, we don't offer any additional non-profit, educational, disability, pension, veteran, war zone or other discounts.

All available discounts are listed on our pricing page.

On a two year license, the cost per month per device is about 1 US dollar. We think this is a fair price.

How do I get a quote or invoice?

You get a "live quote" on our payment website if you press the Buy now button in the Magic Utilities application.

You get an invoice after a successful payment. We do not offer an invoice before the payment.

To our German friends: "Wir bieten keine Bezahlung auf Rechnung an."


Where do I enter my address and VAT number?

  • Press the Pay now button on the payment web page.
  • In the payment popup clickContinue.
  • At the left click on + Add VAT or similar named link.
    There you can enter your address and VAT number.
    Frequently asked questions (1)

In case you missed this step, you can enter your address and VAT number later.

  • At your invoice email click the View invoice button to modify your invoice..

How is a payment processed?

The payment process is conducted by our online resellerFrequently asked questions (2), who is the Merchant of Record for our orders. Frequently asked questions (3) provides all customer inquiries regarding payments. In case you press the Pay now button you are redirect to Frequently asked questions (4).com, which has their own terms and privacy policy.

Why shall I use a private email address?

If you buy a license or contacting us, it's really easier for both sides to use a private email address like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, @me ...

Company mail servers and firewalls have very strict filtering systems for SPAM and Malware. They block any suspicious email without notifying the sender. That's why we send two emails, one notification email and one which contains the license.

But it still happens often that someone buys a license from a company email account but never gets any of our emails. They start complaining, we answer, but they don't get our answer... This all takes time (and work) and can be frustrating for both sides.

General FAQs

Why is the app only 32bit even my Windows is 64bit?

Windows 64bit can execute 32bit and 64bit applications. A 64bit version is usually only required if more than 4 GB memory (RAM) are required. As our apps requires less than 20 MB memory we provide only a 32bit version to keep the download size of the setup installer small.

However, our drivers (which do the actual magic) are 64bit on Windows 64bit installations.

Can I wake up my computer via Bluetooth connection?

Waking up a computer via a Bluetooth connection is beyond our control. It's technically not possible on most Windows computers.


  • In general, it's not possible for hibernation since the computer is physically turned off.
  • For computers insleep state it only possible on machines which support Modern Standby,which are usually modern laptops. But these computers don't really sleep, low idle is a better description as they are still turned on (and can remotely wake up accidentally, for example in a backpack).

More technical info here.

Why is my device not working after I restarted from macOS?

It's a well-known issue on Apple Mac computers. In theory you can't keep the same Magic Mouse working on two operating systems, even it's the same Magic Mouse, the same Bluetooth adapter on the same computer. That's because both operating systems use a different random token (kind of password) to encrypt the Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth BIOS pairing

However, some Apple Mac computers seem to store the Bluetooth pairing information in the BIOS, so the paring can be shared between macOS and Windows.

But this seems only to work if you always shut down your Apple Mac computer before you boot to a different operating system, sodo not restart the computer.

If you only restart your computer (without shut down) your Magic Mouse might basically work but will not be detected by the Magic Utilities as it is seen only as a HID device and not as a Bluetooth device, hence our driver can't load.

First things first

Before you try anything else:

  • Reinstall the Magic Utilities
  • Update your Bluetooth adapter driver

Workaround 1

In case your Magic Mousestill doesn't work on Windows try this:

  • Boot to macOS
  • Now shut down your computer (do not restart).
  • Turn your Mac computer on and boot to Windows.

Workaround 2

If nothing helps, this should work:

  • In Windows remove your Magic Mouse in Windows 10 Settings > Devices.
  • Shut down your computer.
  • Boot to macOS.
  • In System Preferences > Bluetooth, remove your paired Magic Mouse.
  • Shut down your computer
  • Boot to Windows
  • Pair your Magic Mouse again as Bluetooth device.

Is Windows on ARM supported?

No. Even technically possible, for some reasons we do not support Windows running on ARM processors, like the Microsoft Surface Xor the Samsung Galaxy Book S. Only x86 and x64 processors are currently supported by the Magic Utilities.

We might consider to support the ARM architecture if ARM on Windows becomes more popular. For example if Apple supports native Windows via BootCamp on their Mac computers with Apple Silicon processors.

Where are the social media links?

We don't use social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to protect your and our privacy.

Our privacy policy is available on the contact page.

You can follow us on our News page (which has an RSS feed) or by using auto-update in the Magic Utilities application.

Where is the Installation directory located?

All Magic Utilities automatically install to location defined in the "ProgramFiles(x86)" environment variable.
On English language systems this usually is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\MagicUtilities\" on Windows 64bit.

(Video) Frequently Asked Questions.

"C:\Program Files\MagicUtilities\" on Windows 32bit.

Starting the application from a directory outside of the "Program Files" directory would limit the functionality in some cases. This has a very technical reason and is enforced by Microsoft.

That's why the installer doesn't offer to choose the installation directory.


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