14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (2023)

The sports genre is easily one of the most popular gaming genres around, with many popular developers releasing titles in this genre that aims to appeal to a mass market. This venture has been pretty successful for the most part, with titles like FIFA and F1 selling bucketloads and being coveted by fans who don't mind splashing the cash for every annual entry.

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Still, it is understandable why people would want to play these games at home. After all, for many people, nothing beats the real deal. Thankfully, there is a middle ground that caters to both of these interests. Virtual reality and all the amazing sports games made for it aims to bridge this gap, giving people the best of both worlds. Here are some of the most fun VR sports titles available on Meta Quest 2.

Updated on May 18, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra:The Meta Quest 2 is a powerful and popular virtual reality headset that has become a favorite among gamers and VR enthusiasts. While the integration with Facebook may seem forced and raise several privacy concerns, there's no denying that the Quest 2's unique design offers a truly immersive gaming experience, allowing players to step into fully-realized virtual worlds and interact with them like never before.

One particular genre that owners of this VR headset should definitely check out on the Quest 2 is sports games. There are a variety of games in this genre available on the platform that are a blast to play through. The majority of these sports games feel incredibly lifelike and are sure to provide hours of entertainment for anyone looking to get in on the action.

14 Premium Bowling

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (1)

Given how it can be quite challenging to get a hang of VR controls, it only makes sense that players would love a game that allows them to easily take their time as they take every metric into account and move in a manner that is optimal in the given situation. So, it's no surprise why bowling games have become such a huge hit on these VR headsets, and Premium Bowling is no exception to this golden rule.

It may seem like a simple game, but there's something about how polished and entertaining Premium Bowling really is that makes it such a blast to play through. It's a great game to show off the capabilities of the VR headset with friends and family alike, with the title's gameplay being simple and efficient at translating the act of bowling into virtual reality.

13 Golf+

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (2)

Speaking of sports where players can take their time to aim and get the best output from their actions, another simple yet great title that fans can opt for is Golf+. As the name suggests, this title emulates the gameplay of golf in VR, with players having to take into account the wind and distance to a hole before trying to hit their ball as accurately as possible.

Golf+ is a simple yet great game that can be quite a treat to play with friends. The gameplay is accessible and doesn't need a ton of explanation, with the act of putting a golf ball translating pretty well in VR.

12 Creed: Rise To Glory

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (3)

Creed: Rise to Glory is a VR boxing game based on a popular film series that captures the essence of what this sport is all about. Players fight off against challenging opponents as they duck powerful punches before answering with a blow of their own.

Many people feel that the stamina mechanic leads to a sense of disconnect between the player and their avatar, which is certainly valid criticism. After all, games like Thrill of the Fight understand just how taxing boxing in VR already is, and the rate at which the player gets tired should ideally be used as the best way to gauge how effective a player is against the opposing boxer. Regardless, the game is still a ton of fun to play despite these flaws and looks pretty good to boot.

11 ForeVR Darts

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (4)

As the name suggests, ForeVR Darts is a game about throwing darts in virtual reality. However, this one stands apart because it uses Meta Quest 2's hand-tracking technology. That means players will no longer require controllers to play this.

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In fact, all they have to do is focus on aiming and realistically throw the darts. This game is also great for socializing with strangers as it has public multiplayer. It also allows players to make their private rooms if they want to buddy up with some friends on a Friday night and play darts from the comfort of their homes.

10 ForeVR Bowl

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (5)

ForeVR Darts isn't the only sports game from ForeVR Games for the Meta Quest 2 worth playing, as there is also ForeVR Bowl. Unsurprisingly, ForeVR Bowl is a bowling game, a sport that many players were keen to try when VR first started rolling out due to how enjoyable it was in the Wii's launch title Wii Sports. ForeVR Bowl doesn't disappoint, offering enjoyable gameplay over a great range of lanes with solo play, local pass-and-play, and online multiplayer all available.

Along with ForeVR Darts and ForeVR Bowl, there is also ForeVR Cornhole, which only narrowly missed out on this list.

9 Totally Baseball

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (6)

Totally Baseball is the complete baseball experience in virtual reality, and there's no other game that compares to it. The reason for that is how well this game plays, despite the sport of Baseball needing more than one player.

Totally Baseball allows players to teleport to experience every part of the game, be it pitching, catching, or batting. In addition to that, this game also allows players to play multiplayer 1v1 or free-roam. Totally Baseball is a perfect game with multiple customization options if players want to experience Baseball.

8 Eleven Table Tennis

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Hands down, Eleven is the most true-to-life table-tennis video game anyone can play on any platform. The reason for this is its sharp graphics, genuine gameplay, and play modes that perfectly simulate the sport.

Apart from being completely physics-based, this game offers advanced A.I. and realistic environments that mimic the feel of playing it. The best part has to be that the sport of table tennis perfectly fits the realm of virtual reality and feels remarkably authentic. The players can also play this with their friends or people online.

7 Carve Snowboarding

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (8)

Carve Snowboarding is a relatively inexpensive extreme sports game that works while standing, sitting, or at a room-scale. Since it is a snowboarding title, the fundamental focus is building points and scoring high.

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In Carve Snowboarding, players can experience the slopes and drops of a snowy world as they maneuver themselves through different obstacles. Since this game is a semi-realistic title, it doesn't require too much skill, making it great for beginners. Moreover, it's a perfect sports game for people looking to try out something thrilling.

6 Walkabout Mini Golf

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (9)

Talking about a fun, therapeutic, and beautiful sports game, here's Walkabout Mini Golf. As the name suggests, this game is a delightful golfing title that makes players feel why this sport is so much popular.

In Walkabout Mini Golf, players get eight unique 18-hole courses with add-ons such as Shangri-La and Gardens of Babylon. The game also offers a night mode that increases the challenge for people and 150 custom balls to collect. If that isn't enough, this game works with up to five players, making it a good social sim.

5 The Climb 2

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (10)

It is a huge wasted opportunity if someone owns a Meta Quest 2 and hasn't tried The Climb 2. The biggest reason for that is how well-designed this game is and the developer team behind it. The Climb 2 is a Crytek creation, who are the same guys who gave us the respected Crysis series.

While this game isn't about shooting aliens, it does offer stellar graphics that are Crytek's specialty. Climb 2 is about climbing dangerously high heights and making it all the way to the top. This game has great controls and a better variety of locations such as peaks, caves, and skyscrapers.

4 Echo VR

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (11)

When it comes to the list of most unique games on Quest 2, Echo V.R. has to be on it. After all, this game offers one of the most unique gameplay experiences one can have on their virtual reality device, that too for free.

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Echo V.R. is a sports game, but one of the most unorthodox ones, as it is about maneuvering through zero gravity while playing a high-energy competition. This sports game is a multiplayer title that players can enjoy with their friends or strangers and has a good community as well.

3 Racket NX

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Racket N.X. is like Eleven Table Tennis on steroids with a little bit of sci-fi mixed into it. From the outside, Racket N.X. is about using a racket to hit the ball, but do not mistake it for a game of tennis. In this game, players have to take on a new kind of challenge, perfecting their shots and hitting the tiles.

Racket N.X. is a blend of gameplay between tennis and pinball, and it perfectly grasps the strengths of virtual reality. People will have to try it out to know how fun it is.

2 Thrill Of The Fight

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (13)

Thrill of the Fight is an incredibly inexpensive fighting game and offers amazing physics-based hit detection. This game is all about boxing in high-octane matches and ascending all the way to the top to become the king of the ring. It's an excellent title, and the fact that actual professional boxers use this game as practice is proof enough of just how immersive and authentic this experience is.

The developers define this game as a "down-to-earth VR boxing" experience, which is undoubtedly correct. Thrill of the Fight is purely about perfect timing, dodges, and figuring out the opponent's fighting style. The game requires a room-scale area to play, with the minimum being 6.5ft by 6.5ft.

14 Best Sports VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 (14)

Players shouldn't let 2MD: VR Football Unleashed's minimal cartoonish art style fool them into thinking that it's a childish game, as that certainly isn't the case.

In fact, 2MD: VR Football Unleashed is a brutal football game that allows players to throw balls like they would in real life. The game offers fully customizable teams, a challenging A.I., various stadiums, customizable controls, and a virtual trophy case. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed also features achievements for those who love hunting for them.

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