Can you hook up two modems in the same house

can you hook up two modems in the same house

Can I connect two modems to the same phone line?

Typical home routers are likely to combine both router and modem functions. You can’t connect two separate modems to the same phone line, but you could instead slave one of the routers to the other. This may be as simple as connecting an Ethernet cable between any two ports of the two boxes.

Can I connect two home routers over wireless?

Connecting two home routers over wireless is also possible, but in most configurations, the second router can only function as a wireless access point instead of a router. The second router must be set up in client mode to utilize its full routing functionality, a mode that many home routers dont support.

Do modem and router have to be in the same location?

FYI, the modem and router don’t HAVE to be in the same location. My modem is in my distribution box in my office, with an ethernet cable going to where the router is. Can you run two modems of one house?

How many modems can you have in a house?

Both of which run off of a cable modem, you can have two modems in the house running off of their own coaxial cables. However, one modem MUST be dedicated for internet, and one modem MUST be dedicated to the telephony service.

Can you have two DSL modems on the same line?

However, if you are using two different DSL modems in the same room you need to plug the two different DSL modems into the same phone line. This is possible through the aid of a filter and a splitter. DSL Modem. Connect the phone line to DSL filter into the phone line on your wall.

How do I connect two modems to one phone line?

Modems connect to the internet and provide an internet connection. Anyway, you cant plug two modems into your telephone lines. You have to plug in one modem, and connect your second router to the first modem/router with an ethernet cable.

Can I connect more than one router to one phone line?

Connecting more than one router to one phone line. Your post is rather confusing. Routers do not normally plug into phone lines, a router plugs into the modem, which plugs into the phone line, but its possible you have a combo box from your internet company that has a router built into your modem. Routers allow multiple computers...

How do I connect a router to a phone line?

You don’t connect routers to phone lines, you connect modems to phone lines (one modem to one phone line - 2 jacks on the same line is one phone line). Then you connect routers to modems. (One router to one modem.)

Essentially, you can plug one device into your modem and have internet access, but you cant connect a device to a router and have internet access—unless the router is connected to a modem. When do I need a modem vs. a router?

Can I have two modems in one house?

Now that you know the difference between a modem and a router, you might be wondering: Can I have two modems in one house? Simply put, it is possible to have two modems in one house. Since a modem connects your ISP to one specific device at a time, you would need two ISPs to connect to the two modems in your house.

What are the different types of modems?

The integrated modem is the type that is mainly contained within a device like a computer via USB or PCI card. This type is mostly best if you are not sharing the internet connection to other devices since it will only connect to one device or computer at a go. 3. Cable, DSL, Fiber, Dial-up Modems

Can I have more than one high speed cable modem?

You can only have one high speed cable modem, but you can add switches or routers behind it to extend it to another room (if the cable operator allows it).

Can I use my own modem with Comcast?

Just have the modem connected to both your router and the cable connection when you call Comcast in order to make the activation as quick and hassle-free as possible. Important: If you decide to purchase your own modem use the handy tool on this page to choose a model that will work with your service.

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