Long distance dating tinder

long distance dating tinder

How does Tinder convert miles to kilometers?

Tinder’s API always uses miles for distance, and Tinder “converts” those distances to kilometers by just writing “kilometers” after the number instead of “miles”.

How accurate is the distance on Tinder?

For what i have seen Tinder distance is not very accurate, there is a error of about 2 kms in Tinder distance and it’s not because of any problem in the measurement system but because of Tinder’s location privacy rules.

How often can a user’s location be updated on Tinder?

A user’s location can only be updated at most once per 10 minutes. As such, the locations of fast-moving people may be significantly wrong, even if they have Tinder open; somebody travelling at 60mph in a car might considered to be 10 miles from their true location.

Why is Tinder showing the wrong location for me?

Naturally, if your phone gets your location wrong (you’ve probably seen this happen in a maps application before) or if you’ve travelled without turning your phone on, then Tinder will also end up with a wrong location for you and matches will see an incorrect distance to you.

How does Tinder calculate distance between matches?

Tinder doesn’t calculate the exact distance to a match and then round off the number of miles to display, instead the app will snap your location to a coarse-grained grid. The distance is also only updated every 10 minutes, making the distance of the fast-moving individuals less accurate.

How does Tinder know where you are?

The way Tinder works is by polling your location. That is to say every X-amount of minutes/hours it checks your location, whether the user is actively swiping on the app or not. So at on point or another before you guys began talking, Joe was roughly 3km away from you.

Does Tinder update your location when you are not active?

Generally, you need to open the app for Tinder to update the location. Tinder pings the location when the app is open or if you leave it running. So, Tinder might technically update your location when you are not active, but the app is running in the background.

Why does Tinder think I’m in the wrong place?

There are a number of reasons why the dating app, Tinder, thinks you are in the wrong place or have set your location wrong. Here are a few: Tinder might be using your old location and has not updated the current location settings. Check to see whether you have disabled the location settings on your device.

When does Tinder get the location of a user?

I think tinder gets the location at the time of starting up tinder. And there can be some delay that that location is shown at the device of other users. So if the person moved after starting up tinder (or not even started it for a long time), the location shown is not the actual location.

Does Tinder know where you are if you use a VPN?

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can affect the location of your device, making it easy for Tinder to get confused about your current whereabouts. If you use Facebook to log in to Tinder or set up your profile, there’s a possibility that Tinder is using your Facebook location.

How do I stop tinder from using my current location for matches?

I contacted Tinder support and they responded with: Tinder automatically uses your current location to get matches. Make sure your GPS is enabled, and try logging out and logging back in. To do so, go to Settings, scroll down, and hit log out.

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