Hook up fluorescent light fixture

hook up fluorescent light fixture

How do you wire a fluorescent light switch to a light fixture?

Two wires from the switch are connected, usually with wirenuts, to four wires from the fluorescent tube. Disassemble the fixture as far as necessary to gain access to the back of the switch, then screw in the new switch and transfer wires from the old switch to the new one, one at a time to avoid an incorrect connection.

How do you hook up a stripped wire to a light fixture?

Connect the stripped white wires together, cover them with a wire nut and twist until no bare wire is visible. Do the same with the black wires. Near the knockout hole is a small ground screw. Hook the bare wire from the cable to this screw. If the fixture also has a ground wire, hook it to the screw as well.

What tools do I need to install a fluorescent light fixture?

These are the tools for installing a fluorescent light fixture: 1 Screwdriver 2 Wire stripper with cutting blade 3 Wirenuts or solderless connectors 4 Replacement fluorescent fixture More ...

How do you install fluorescent light bulbs in a bathroom?

Install the fluorescent tubes on the fixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If there is a diffuser provided, attach it as well after the tubes are in place. Assuming that a switch is already available and has been wired to the electrical source, turn off the breaker in the main service panel.

How do you wire a fluorescent light fixture with wires?

Attaching a plug to a fluorescent light fixture will allow it to be used in different locations. Strip an inch of insulation from the back and white wires on the fixture and one end of the electrical cable with the electrical pliers. Attach the respective white (neutral) wires, black (hot) wires and bare (ground) wires together.

How do you hook up a light switch to a switch?

Hook the black wire on the second brass screw and tighten it. Hook the bare wire to the green screw on the other side of the switch. Find the white wire coming from the main service panel and connect it to the white wire on the cable using a wire nut. Screw the switch back to the electric box and re-attach the switch cover.

How do you wire a dimmer switch to a light fixture?

To fit the fixture, you’ll need to attach the ballast wires and the wires for the dimmer switch with wire connectors. To do this, the orange wire will need to run to the red wire before you can join the white wire to the white wires, the ground wire to the ground wire, and the black to the black.

How do you hook up a light fixture to the ground?

If your fixture is equipped with a green (or bare) grounding wire, connect it to the existing ground wire from the ceiling wiring and make sure the connection is tight. Attach any reflector or diffusers that came with your fixture.

How do you install a light bulb in a bathroom?

To install the new light, line its prongs up with the slots in either socket. Push the tube straight up into the sockets, and then rotate it 90 degrees until you feel it lock into place. You can give the lamp a gentle tug to ensure that it is firmly in place.

How do you install a new fluorescent tube?

To install a new fluorescent tube, insert the tubes prongs into the holder and twist the tube to lock it into place. Change the tube when it dims, flickers, or flashes on and off.

How do you remove a fluorescent tube from a light fixture?

This action rotates the prongs, that project from each end of the bulb, to a vertical alignment, and so allows you to slide the tube downward and out of the fixture. Gently lower the fluorescent tube straight down through the slot. Place the tube gently out of the way, where it cannot roll or be disturbed.

How do you hang fluorescent light fixtures from the ceiling?

Fluorescent light fixtures tend to be rather heavy; if you cannot locate a stud, the fixture should be mounted into the ceiling using toggle bolts. Do not use wall anchors, as they are intended for horizontal applications and are likely to pull out of the ceiling if used. Mark the desired area where the screws will be installed.

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