Bumble dating app contact email

bumble dating app contact email

How do I contact Bumble customer support?

Directly within the app through the Contact & FAQ button. Email our Support Team here. We are aware that there are a handful of fake customer support phone numbers posted on various websites - none of these are affiliated with Bumble.

Is Bumble the best dating app for You?

Hailed as one of the most popular dating apps today, Bumble has become the platform of choice for many men and women trying to find the perfect ‘match’ for themselves.

Can Bumble send you emails?

Now, as far as emails are concerned, Bumble’s terms of service say that the folks at Bumble reserve their right to send you emails, text messages and push notifications in order to keep you updated on their latest deals, news about the app, as well as, well, updates themselves!

Does Bumble have support for technical questions?

We receive a large number of technical questions and requests, and we’ve found often they are more easily explained in writing. You can contact the Bumble Support Team online 24/7 in the following ways:

Does Bumble have a support phone number?

Bumble doesn’t have a Support telephone number where you can speak to them directly, you have to contact them via the four methods we have outlined above. Although there is no public Support phone number, you can try to contact them via the four methods we share and then request a phone number from them where you can call Bumble Support.

How do I contact bumble with a question?

This form is meant only for partnership enquiries. If you are a Bumble user with a question, please contact feedback@team.bumble.com. Name Please type in your name Email

Why do I need to link my Number on bumble?

In order for anyone to access your Bumble account, they need to know your number and would have to enter a unique code that would be sent to it during sign-up. By linking your contact number on Bumble, it will just make your profile more authentic and genuine.

How do I contact Bumble about security vulnerabilities?

If you’re running into any security vulnerabilities with Bumble, let us know. If you have a media question, please fill out the short form below to contact our press team. This form is meant only for press enquiries. If you are a Bumble user with a question, please visit our Help Centre. This form is meant for press enquiries.

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