Is blackpink dating bts

is blackpink dating bts

Do you think BTS and Blackpink know each other?

The idol community is a lot smaller than we think and Blackpink and BTS both have mutual friends so it’s not entirely delusional to think they know each other or are friends. No one expected Jennie and Kai to be dating and yet here we are. I don’t think they would be dating though.

Are BTS’ Jungkook and Blackpink’s Lisa dating?

So it did come up as a surprise when K-pop group BTS’ Jungkook and BlackPink’s Lisa were rumoured to be dating. Fans who adored the rumoured couple even came up with a portmanteau word - LizKook. Fans often analysed the body language between the two stars whenever they were spotted together at award shows.

Do Blackpink fans remember BTS Vs hate for Jennie?

Not only that but Blackpink fans remember the sort of hate comments BTS fans spewed on Jennie when BTS V accidentally followed her on Instagram only to unfollow her immediately after which became viral immediately. Who is BTS V dating? ARMY jokes hes happy with 6 men as rumors swirl

Are the BTS members dating each other?

Yes of course. According to the very little evidence that makes no sense at all, and according to non-existent statements from the members and companies, they are dating. Why arent more women doing this to diminish dark spots?

Is BTS more successful than Blackpink?

I think it’s clear that overall BTS is doing better and is more successful than Blackpink is. If you ask 50 people, I guarantee all 50 people will know who BTS is but only about 30 will know who Blackpink is, if even that much. When it comes to sales, it’s sad to admit but Blackpink’s sales are not that good at all, they’re average at best.

Why dont BTS’ Jungkook and Suga talk to Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie?

I heard BTS’ Jungkook liked Blackpink’s Lisa and BTS’ Suga liked Jennie Blackpink, that’s all I know. But the reason is why they dont talk with them during any award function or some time when they meet is just become the both group have fear of being shipped with each others .

Will black pink ever reach what BTS has done?

And my answer is, Black Pink has to go a VERY long way to reach what BTS has done. First, lets talk about their origins. No one, not even a BLINK can disagree that Black Pink was born with silver spoon in their mouth. Their journey is sooooooooooo easy and expected, as being the group of one of the BIG 3 companies in South Korea.

Does BTS like each other in love?

” like “ and “ love “ are two different things so yeah. Well if you mean just in general like them of course BTS does. They both appreciate each other hard work and music. At music award I would see them bowing to each other so I don’t think anything is going on between them.

Which BTS members have girlfriends and who are they dating?

People are always trying to figure out if BTS members are dating or do they have girlfriends. Kim Taehyung Girlfriend and Dating Rumors Kim Yoo-jung. If a BTS member is currently dating someone it. Im Yoon-ah is a 30-year-old singer and actress from South Korea. His earlier stage name was Rap Monster 랩몬스터 which he short with RM in Nov 2017.

Which BTS member should be your best friend?

Your BTS BFF is: SUGA! With your new bestie, you could grab some of his favourite food, read comics and play video games! Your BTS BFF is: JUNGKOOK! With your new bestie, you could grab a pizza and listen to music! Your BTS BFF is: JIMIN! With your new bestie, you could both talk about how much you hate spinach!

Do I have chance of marrying BTS member?

The probability of you marrying of the BTS member is 1.2987013 x 10^-10 since the current world population is 7.7 billion as of September 2018 (source UNDP) Now your probability of marrying them will be higher if you fit these traits: and the most important thing. If their parents say no.

Do any BTS members have a girlfriend?

So while the boys appear single in public, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a girlfriend. As 2020 wages on, we’re here to look at all the rumored loves of BTS’ lives.

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