Bolt matchmaking

bolt matchmaking

How does matchmaking work in photon bolt?

Creating a room is the starting point for the matchmaking, no session, no game. In Photon Bolt we use the server-client archetype where the server is responsible for maintaining the game running, exchanging data between the clients, and to publish the session, so other players can join it.

What is a working matchmaking engine?

A working matchmaking engine is the absolute core and basic functionality of a PvP online game. Team size should not come into play as to whether or not a developer releases their game with a working matchmaking engine for an online game. If you release your online game with a matchmaking that doesnt work, your game is effectively non-functional.

What makes bolt different?

Powerful Event System - Bolt has a built-in event system which distributes the event to the correct receivers. Highly configurable and automatically, of course. Events can also be targeted at a specific game object or raised globally. Finetune delivery of events in three modes: Unreliable, Unreliable Synced and Reliable.

Should I use random matchmaking or quick matchmaking?

We think, for most games its best to use a quick and simple matchmaking, so we suggest to use Random Matchmaking and maybe filters for skills, levels and such. Most players nowadays just want to jump directly into matches. They want to dive into the game right away. That is why most games offer Quick Match as the first mode.

What is the matchmaking API for photon bolt?

The main API entry point for the matchmaking capabilities of Photon Bolt can be used through the Bolt.Matchmaking.BoltMatchmaking class. Its responsible to handle the management of Bolt Sessions, creation and joining game rooms using the Photon Cloud services.

How does matchmaking work with photon?

The others dont have to do any matchmaking but instead repeatedly call (periodic poll, every few frames/ (milli)seconds): When the leader arrives in a room, the FindFriends operation will reveal that rooms name and everyone can join it: Photon is organizing your rooms in so called lobbies.

How do I join a session in photon bolt?

Using the UdpSession reference, you just need to call BoltMatchmaking.JoinSession, and optionally pass an IProtocolToken to be used during the connection process. Photon Bolt also supports your client joining a room using just its identifier, the same ID used to create the session on the server.

What is the photon bolt SDK?

Photon Bolt is high-level SDK for development of networked games, and one of the main features of such type of solution is the ability to do the matchmaking, in other words, the process of connecting players from different locations and devices on an online session, so they can play together.

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