Cts pots dating

cts pots dating

Do you know what CTS pots you have?

You’ve found some pots in the back of your parts drawer and they look like CTS pots but you have no idea what value or taper they are. No problem! Today we are going to examine the numbers stamped on the bottom of CTS pots and decode them so that you too can figure out what pots you have.

What year is this CTS pot from?

The middle one is a CTS pot (Chicago Telephone Supply, manufacturer #137) from the 30th week of 1966. The pots on the left and right are Stackpole pots (manufacture #304). Note the different position of the markings, even on pots from the same maker. Left: The source-date code (285709) on a speaker.

How do you date a pot pot?

Pot dates are a useful tool in guitar dating, but should always be used in conjunction with other known factors, such as hardware changes and serial numbers. Resistance values are normally listed. 250k, 500k and 1 Meg (1000k) being the most common. The taper of a pot describe how the resistance changes with the turning of the pot.

What is the difference between CTS pots and economy pots?

Weve specified these CTS pots to feature a longer-life brass shaft and tighter ±10% resistance tolerance compared to CTS products offered by most other suppliers. CTS precision audio taper gives you smoother and more accurate response than youll get with economy pots.

How do you identify a CTS pot?

You always knew a CTS Pot because those letters were always on the back as well as the value (250K 0r 500K) and the letter A to indicate audio taper or the letter B to indicate linear taper. Recently, I ordered 4 what were supposed to be CTS pots from a popular online retailer.

Do you use OEM stock pots or CTS pots?

For 34 years of using these babies, Ive always used OEM stock pots or, when modifying, Ive always sworn by CTS. You always knew a CTS Pot because those letters were always on the back as well as the value (250K 0r 500K) and the letter A to indicate audio taper or the letter B to indicate linear taper.

What is the difference between CTS and Gibson pots?

One big exception to this code structure are OEM pots made by CTS for other companies. Many pots in circulation are stamped with an EP code, like EP086, instead of the 450G code. These are manufactured for Allparts. Gibson also has their own code sequence and I’m sure there are others as well.

What does CTS 137 mean on pots?

Newer pots are now stamped with CTS, but older pots will be stamped with 137, which is the code designated for CTS pots. Let’s check the second pot. We have a 450G series, solder lug, 3/4″ bushing length, 1 1/4″ shaft length, split/knurled shaft, 500k resistance, 20% tolerance, audio taper, standard torque.

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What are pot codes and how do you date a guitar?

Are CTS pots good for electric guitars?

Alessandro has them made for the guitar with solid and knurled shafts: I replaced some CTS pots in three of my Collings Electrics with these and they made a hugh difference in the increased range the volume and tone controls. The only down side is they are expensive!

Where to buy special CTS pots?

Well most will link you to RS Guitarworks which sells special CTS pots, or Dr. Vintage which also sells Special CTS pots, or if youre feeling lucky and dont want a whole lot of communication ACME Guitar Works which also sells CTS pots. I think Centrolab became CTS, but I could be wrong. Im looking for full size pots.

What is the difference between a CTS pot and a Rv4 pot?

The old pots are much stiffer then the newer quick turn pots that are popular. A cts pot will basically twirl from full to 0 by just brushing it. These guys sell full size rv4 potentiometers with a 20-30 percent taper.

Whats the difference between DiMarzio CTS and regular CTS?

the regular flat-back CTS are all just so stiff to turn. the dimarzio CTS have a good taper, a brass shaft with the little c-clip to prevent them from getting pushed through the pot, and an easy-turning feel.

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