Couchsurfing hookup app

couchsurfing hookup app

Is couchsurfing the go-to hookup app?

The almost decade-old Couchsurfing, which is available in 100,000 cities across the globe, is becoming the go-to hookup app for a certain class of young world travelers.

What is couchsurfing and how does it work?

Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to your hometown. Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfing in more than 230,000 cities around the world. Use the Couchsurfing app to plan and manage your trip itinerary.

Is couchsurfing a way to pick up women?

What is the issue? In a recent article, Sebastian Malbec encouraged the use of couchsurfing as a way to pick up women (or rather, as a way of letting women come to you.) I’m not here to knock couchsurfing sex.

Can you live without a dog on CouchSurfing?

Riccardo G.’s profile on, the website that partners intrepid wanderers with willing hosts, notes that he lives in the “best neighborhood to go out and have drinks,” that he offers a “cozy/clean/nice sofa/couch” and that he’ll even let you bring your “small dog, if you just can’t live without him.”

Why is couchsurfing no longer free?

Why is Couchsurfing no longer free? All of us who are members of Couchsurfing believe in something greater than money, possessions, and status. It took over 14 years for the Couchsurfing community to come together. Without your immediate help, this community will be lost forever.

Can someone hack into my CouchSurfing account?

If a hacker has access to your Couchsurfing-related email, they can use it to reset your password and gain access to your account. How do I report a problem? Please contact us!

Are there any other sites similar to couchsurfing?

It was founded in 2007 and has around 130,000 members. The second is TrustRoots. Most people I’ve met talk quite highly of TrustRoots, which has about 36,000 members and is also very similar to Couchsurfing. I am unsure of their budget but they are a registered UK non profit.

Do I have to pay for hospitality on CouchSurfing?

No, hospitality on Couchsurfing is free. A host should never ask a guest to pay for their lodging, and a guest should not offer. We do recommend that a guest show their appreciation by cooking a meal, taking the host out, bringing a small gift or offering some other gesture.

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