East meets west dating app

east meets west dating app

Are Asian women being accepted on eastmeetseast?

On the other hand, Asian women can perhaps can be assured, that they arent being accepted solely because of theirs. Over the years, a dating landscape with its own peculiarities and logic began to emerge within the walls of the EastMeetsEast app.

How is EME hive different to other dating apps?

When it comes to online dating, no one knows exactly what they want but it is a start to discovering what you want. Compared to other dating apps, EME Hive attracts users who are more cultural and/or know where they want to begin and this creates a commonality for all users on the app from the beginning.

Is match the most trafficked dating app in North America?

But maybe theres something to it—the app is the highest trafficked dating resource for Asian-Americans in North America, and, since it launched in December 2013, theyve matched more than seventy-thousand singles. In April, they closed four million dollars in Series A funding.

Are Asian men the least messaged demographic on dating sites?

That is very sad! On dating sites, Asian men can have it particularly sad. A frequently cited OKCupid study, from 2014, reported that Asian men were one of the least messaged demographics on their app. (Conversely, Asian women are the one of the most messaged demographics.)

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