12 volt solenoid hook up

12 volt solenoid hook up

Can I use a 12V battery to power a solenoid?

If the solenoid says 12 VDC on the label, then you can operate it with a 12 V battery. As the solenoid is terminated in two wires, you can just touch the wires to the battery terminals. This assumes the battery is beefy enough to provide all the current that the solenoid tried to draw.

How to wire a solenoid valve?

Wiring of the solenoid valve is simple. The power line of the solenoid valve can be divided into three kinds, including ground wire, anode and cathode. In terms of AC, the anode and cathode cannot be left unconsidered when wiring the solenoid valve.

Why does a solenoid need high voltage?

Since the winding has a large inductance, the current takes some time to build up. The force on the core of the solenoid is proportional to the current. To generate maximum force to move the core, a high voltage must be applied to the winding to quickly build the current.

How many control wires does the solenoid have?

There are 2 control wires (brown/red & black/orange). Does it matter what wire goes to which control pole? And does it matter what pole of the solenoid I put the battery cable and what pole I put the battery output on?

Can you plug a 12V battery into a solenoid valve?

Ha, yes, the simplest way is not using any switch, but just use your hand to connect the 12V battery to the solenoid valve. USUALLY 12VDC battery (dont use wall wart, which might leak electricity) wont give you a electric shock (assuming you dont have a pace maker in your body).

How much power does the solenoid use?

You mentioned the solenoid draws 400mA, thats a very large load if you wanted to run it continuously from such a small battery but for 2 second pulses every now and then the amount of power consumed is very small. The data I found suggests a typical 9V alkaline battery is 500mAh, so thats more than 2200 2 second pulses consuming 0.22mAh each.

What happens when you disconnect the battery from the solenoid?

Caution, if you hold one wire in each hand as you disconnect the battery, you may feel a shock. This is due to the inductance of the solenoid producing a high voltage as the current decays quickly on disconnection. Most people would want something a little more tidy than just connecting wires to the battery.

How does the safe solenoid work?

The solenoid at rest has a very weak spring that keeps the pin out and blocks a mechanism keeping the safe locked. When the solenoid is activated it pulls the pin out of the way and the safe handle is allowed to be turned and open the door. The code puts the ship to sleep.

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