Neuroptimal hookup

neuroptimal hookup

How do I set up my neuroptimal® system?

Open your NeurOptimal ® system box, review the enclosed manual and Identify the tablet, the USB cord, the zAmp, the sensors, the paste, and manual. Pro Tip: Keep the box! See why here.

What is neuroptimal®?

NeurOptimal ® has been designed as a ‘self-empowerment’ learning program with webinars, written information and videos to help you along the way. Follow this simple checklist to gain knowledge towards an optimal outcome for yourself, your family, your existing Clients or for starting a new business. Discover NeurOptimal® In Your Language!

Why does my neuroptimal® session stop prematurely and unexpectedly?

USB 2.0 ports on ASUS laptops will cause the NeurOptimal ® session to stop prematurely and unexpectedly. Included with every NeurOptimal ® system are two 15-foot USB cables.

How often should I update my neuroptimal® license?

As long as you connect to the internet prior to launching NeurOptimal ® at least once a week, your license will be validated and available for sessions for the rest of that week. We advise maintaining a constant connection to the internet in order to allow your system to update both Windows 10 and NeurOptimal ® regularly.

How does neuroptimal® work?

Give the brain good data and it will use it to optimize because the brain is always trying to use its energy to make the most efficient and effective decisions. NeurOptimal® simply provides millisecond-by-millisecond feedback to the users brain and the brain does the rest.

Do I need a diagnosis or brain map to use neuroptimal®?

A diagnosis or brain map is not needed when using NeurOptimal ® . The mapping is integrated into NeurOptimal®s software. Since NeurOptimal® is Dynamical Neurofeedback™, the brain is cued to optimize its functioning on a global level (not just for specific targeted changes). How is NeurOptimal ® Different from Other Neurofeedback Systems?

What is neuroptimal ® brain training?

NeurOptimal ® promotes a flexible-and-resilient mindset, empowering your personal transformation. Why Brain Training? NeurOptimal ® is an advanced neurotechnology designed to train the brain to function at peak performance levels. This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training for the brain.

How much does neuroptimal® cost?

NeurOptimal® for sale comes in two different systems -Personal NeurOptimal® and Professional NeurOptimal® - both have the same software. The Personal system is a pay-as-you-go system starting at $6995 USD and the Professional system is an unlimited-use system starting at $9995 USD.

NeurOptimal® was designed to use our brains natural way of noticing changes. In this Dynamical Neurofeedback® training method the EEG sensors read your brainwaves – nothing is added to your brain! What happens in a NeurOptimal® Session? The NeurOptimal neurofeedback program reads the brain signals 256 times per second!

Why does my neuroptimal® session stop prematurely on my laptop?

Do I need to connect to the Internet to use neuroptimal?

You need to connect to the internet at least once every seven days in order to validate your license. Sessions do not need internet connectivity to run. As long as you connect to the internet prior to launching NeurOptimal ® at least once a week, your license will be validated and available for sessions for the rest of that week.

Is neuroptimal safe to use?

NeurOptimal is FDA approved as safe for consumers to use without a doctors permission. In 2018, the FDA ruled the NeurOptimal neurofeedback as a General Wellness device and not a medical device based on the safety of the system and its intended uses.

What special training is needed when training with the neuroptimal® neurofeedback system?

No special training is needed when training with the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system as it is a fully automated neurofeedback training system. No brain mapping, no protocols to set, nor a diagnosis is needed as the expertise is built in - the brain and the software will do all the work!

Why do my neuroptimal® V2 sessions stop prematurely?

Why do my NeurOptimal® v2 sessions stop prematurely? Zen times may have not loaded properly before starting a training. Improperly loaded Zen times would be indicated by 00:00 appearing in some or all of the Zen mode time fields. If you see this, click on Stop, Training, then Record to set the zen times and restart the session.

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