Bad dating profiles tumblr

bad dating profiles tumblr

How do I Find my Old Tumblr blogs?

You can check to see if your favorite blog is there by reviewing the spreadsheet on the Tumblr Exodus Lifeboat. There you will find over 1,000 Twitter accounts where former Tumblr blogs have landed. There are quite the number of subreddits dedicated to adult content and its numerous areas of interests.

Is there a way to view archived Tumblr blogs?

The Internet Wayback Machine A weird but aptly named site that will hold archived backups of Tumblr blogs, that would allow you to scroll through the offerings at your leisure. There are currently over 100,000 blogs archived with more being added.

Can I transfer my Tumblr blog to Timbr?

The site makes it easy for creators to transfer their blog to the site. Tumblr credentials or Tumblr blog names can be used to copy content from Tumblr to Timbr. This also makes it incredibly easy for followers to find previously liked blogs. This site is so new, it’s still in beta testing status.

How to find out what type of content you enjoy on Tumblr?

If you want to know if the type of content you enjoy is here, just go to r/multihub to search through previously assembled lists. New to the scene, Timbr, was created in response to the news Tumblr would cease to host adult content.

How do I find old posts on Tumblr?

Typically, if you visit any of the profiles or blogs of tumblr users, you will see most of their recent posts in there. That means not all of their posts are displayed. To find one of their old posts, you will have to scroll down one page at a time.

How to search for a blog on Tumblr?

On Mobile Open Tumblr. Its a dark-blue app with a white t on it. Tap the magnifying glass icon. Its at the bottom of the screen. Type in the name of a blog. Alternatively, you can type in a persons name or a blog URL, as long as the information matches whats on their blog. Tap Search. Its in your phones keyboard. Tap More Tumblrs.

How do I Find my Tumblr profile name?

Method #1 Using the ‘Archive’ Option in tumblr Desktop 1 Go to any of your favorite tumblr accounts from your account. You can search for the name as well. For instance, we have... 2 After you have clicked on the profile of your choice, the profile will be opened on the right side of the screen. From... More ...

How do I back up my Tumblr posts?

Manual Post Backup 1 Log in to your account on Tumblr 2 Open your post and click on the gear icon 3 Select “Edit” to open the post in edit mode 4 Click the “<html>” icon to view the HTML code of the post 5 Select and copy the HTML code, then paste it to a text file

A primary tumblog can not be moved from one account to another. Secondary tumblogs however can be moved from one account to another by inviting the other account to join the blog, an when both accounts has access to the blog, the first account can simply leave the blog, leaving it to the other account. Can I migrate my WordPress blog to Tumblr?

How do I export my Tumblr blog Data?

What can you post on Tumblr?

Unlike many other social media platforms, Tumblr allows you to post a wide variety of content types, ranging from text and photos to video, audio, and links. It also offers a variety of design “themes,” which let you create a page that best supports your brand’s image and the types of content you plan to post.

What is the best way to search Tumblr?

Hashtags are the primary way to search Tumblr, and the best way to find blogs and posts you haven’t yet seen. Keywords do much the same thing, but can produce a wider range of results.

Is there adult content on Tumblr?

And that’s why, not surprisingly, quite a lot of adult content on the platform has popped up over the years—but that’s not what Tumblr is about. According to Tumblr, there are over 441 million Tumblogs (2018 figures), and with that comes a lot of diverse content. It includes millions of people posting about their lives in the normal way.

Does Tumblr contain sensitive media?

Especially for the budding bloggers and content creators, the platform brings forth exclusive opportunities, which are hardly possible in the broader platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are also an avid user of Tumblr, then you may have come across the message “this Tumblr may contain sensitive media”.

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