Full hookup campgrounds in southern illinois

full hookup campgrounds in southern illinois

Are there any RV parks in Illinois with hookup campsites?

Public lands and private RV parks and campgrounds offer a wide range of camping facilities from full service RV hookup campsites to remote primitive camping (boondocking) locations throughout Illinois. Illinois RV Parks – Research tools for finding the best privately owned Illinois RV parks and campgrounds.

Where can I camp in southern most Illinois?

Camp, fish, hike and explore Southern Most Illinois with us! Both Class C (tent camping with vehicle access) and Class D (backpack) camping sites are available at the State Forest. Some locations have log shelters with adjacent privies.

Can I plan an RV trip through Illinois?

You can plan an amazing RV trip through Illinois, but first- you need to choose a campground to make a home base while you explore the state!

Can You camp in the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois?

US Forest Service – Official USFS information about RV camping in the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois. Free dispersed RV camping (boondocking) is permitted on lands managed by the USFS. Includes public campground information. US Army Corps of Engineers – USACE/COE information about COE lakes and RV camping opportunities in Illinois.

Where can I Go RV camping in Illinois?

The following are examples of the many great RV camping locations found in Illinois. 47 first come first serve campsites are available at the Apple River Canyon State Park. Hiking, biking, fishing are only a few of the outdoor recreation activities available. RV camping is available at several developed campgrounds at Carlyle Lake.

Can You camp in Illinois State Parks?

Camping is available at many Illinois State Parks. The most-visited sites are listed below. For camping at other State Parks, consult the park listing page. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) does not charge an Entrance Fee to any state owned or operated land with the exception of Wildlife Prairie Park.

Can you go camping in Chicago?

The Chicago, Illinois area is a fantastic place to take a vacation. You can easily find camping spots close to the city that allow you to take advantage of the art, culture, theater, and cuisine that Chicago has to offer. Many campgrounds are also on the outskirts where you can find some peace and quiet communing with nature as well.

Can I plan an RV trip through Illinois?

You can plan an amazing RV trip through Illinois, but first- you need to choose a campground to make a home base while you explore the state!

Can You camp in Shawnee National Forest?

Group camping is also available. Those looking for a bit more privacy can enjoy dispersed camping in many areas of the park. Primitive camping is allowed Shawnee National Forest except in recreation areas, natural areas, along lake shores, near streams, or on trails.

Where is the Shawnee National Forest?

The Shawnee National Forest is located in the Ozark and Shawnee Hills of Southern Illinois. It consists of 280,000 acres of land that’s the largest publicly owned body of land in the entire state of Illinois.

Where are the best cabins near Shawnee National Forest?

Giant City State Park Cabins are one of a kind for visitors of the Shawnee National Forest area. There are quite a few cabins located at the state park that will cater to different needs of different cabin users. These cabins are all centrally located around the famous Lodge which claims it sells the best fried chicken in southern Illinois.

What are the best backpacking spots in the Shawnee National Forest?

One of the most popular sites in the Shawnee National Forest, the Garden of the Gods Recreation Area is also great for backpackers. There is a backpacker’s lot located within the recreation area that allows access to both the Indian Point Trail and the River-to-River Trail.

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