Why you shouldnt hook up with a coworker

why you shouldnt hook up with a coworker

Can you get fired for hooking up with a coworker?

Most companies don’t actually have rules against coworkers dating or hooking up. Despite what rumors you may have heard around the water cooler, it’s highly unlikely you can be fired for getting frisky with the person on the other side of your cubicle, though your employer might still hand down a few consequences.

How many people have hooked up with coworkers?

Copy Link If youre like most people, theres a 50/50 chance youve hooked up with a coworker. According to our survey of 1,500 Business Insider readers, 54% said theyve had a romantic encounter with someone in the office.

How do you know if a coworker likes you?

It’s easy enough to feel out whether a colleague sees you in the same way or shares your fantasy of hooking up with a coworker. Office Christmas parties, post-work happy hours, and general banter on Slack can pretty much give you all the clues you need.

Is it bad to have a one-night stand with a coworker?

Avoid one-night stands If you need a little instant gratification, look beyond the cubicle next to yours, says Losee. It might seem obvious that a one-night stand with a coworker is a bad idea, but after-work happy hours and good conversation have been known to influence bad judgment.

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